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Haley Lu Richardson is Tess in Ravenswood, Maggie Townsend in The Bronze, and a self-described “very short yet very loud actual legitimate alien” on her Instagram profile. She can act, she can dance, she is a hell of a crocheter, and we love every bit of her fiery personality! And, doesn’t she just look amazing in our “A Blush of Shadows” by UNBOUND SOUL kimono?!

We recently shared our three favorite Ls: Live. Love. Lounge. with Haley and she told us which phrases, thoughts or stories each one of them bring to her mind.

Haley: “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” —George Bernard Shaw

I discovered this quote in 4th grade and ever since then it’s been my favorite. Yes, I know it’s more than a bit cheesy, but it has always resonated true with me. It’s cheesy but it’s simple and straightforward and that’s what I like about it. This quote is how I live my life and how I plan on continuing to live the rest of my existence. There is so much in this world we can’t control but the one thing we always have power over is ourselves. I don’t want to wait around to be good or for something good to happen, I want to take charge and create my legacy and destiny and I want what I create to be worth while. That is what I feel it means to “live”.

Haley: When I think of the world “love” I think of people. Not a lot of people. I think of a small, special circle of my favorite people in the world all holding hands around me. Almost like in Harry Potter when he’s about to fight Voldemort and all the people he cares about most show up in spirit and form a force field of love around him! Sorry I just re-watched all the movies so I have Harry on my brain ha-ha-ha! But seriously—I look around and I see these people and they are looking at me with that look, that look you can’t describe with any other word but “love”. And we just stand there and take each other in. No one says anything, but no one needs to. It’s making me smile so big right now just thinking of it ?

Haley: Nature. I don’t care if it’s a mountain and a sunset in Arizona or a beach and palm trees in the Caribbean. Clear air and a clear mind.
A comfy chair. A comfy pillow. And of course a glass of wine ?

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