Haley Lu Richardson Stars in the Jonas Brothers’ ‘Wings’ Music Video

Haley Lu Richardson is officially living every Jonas Brothers fan’s dream — going from partaking in a meet and greet with the band as a kid, to having a starring role in their latest music video as an adult.

In the new visual for “Wings,” the lead single off the group’s upcoming sixth LP The Album, the 27-year-old White Lotus star dances in a hotel room with a group of pals to the uptempo track.

Rocking a Las Vegas T-shirt, Richardson and the crew get ready for a JoBros gig in style, with group choreography and some blindfolded kissing of cardboard cutouts.

Later in the clip, she is greeted by the guys themselves: Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas.

Richardson has been a big fan of the Jonas Brothers since the late 2000s, when the actress attended a meet-and-greet from the group, which she opened up about in a December episode of the Late Late Show with James Coden.

“This is the picture that I talk to of my inner child… She was in love with the Jonas Brothers,” Richardson said of her teen self. “She probably waited for three or four hours in a meet and greet line with her mother to meet Nick and Joe and Kevin. And she had made this tie, she had made this tie herself because Nick at the time was going through a tie phase.”

After pointing out a DIY tie that she made for Nick, 30, Richardson explained to host James Corden that security took the item from her, as fans weren’t allowed to share gifts with the group. She also admitted that she once had an AOL account named “Haley Jonas.”

Following a commercial break, Corden, 44, told Richardson he was getting a phone call. “My phone is vibrating and it’s a bit weird,” he said. “Let me just very quickly call this person back.”

Richardson, who admitted she was sweaty, asked if it was Nick — and it was.

“I may or may not have the tie,” Nick joked, telling Richardson that he had just finished White Lotus the night before.

“I just wanted to tell you that you’re a huge part of my childhood and therefore life forever,” Richardson then told the musician. “All of my Converse, as I said earlier, in grade school and middle school have your name on them. And I’m so proud of you and going to your guys’ concerts now recently as adults — I feel so proud of the three of you and I’m so happy for your lives and your creative endeavors and your families. And I love you.”

Jonas returned the compliments: “That means the world,” he said. “This is such a lovely surprise. And next time you want to come to a show, bring another tie and I’ll make sure that it gets to me.”

The Album will be released on May 12.


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