Haley Lu Richardson and Aubrey Plaza on Stalking, Obsession, and Torture

In the hotly anticipated second season of HBO’s anthology series The White Lotus, Haley Lu Richardson plays Portia, the fledgling millennial assistant to Jennifer Coolidge’s demanding, mommy-issue-afflicted Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, the sole character from the show’s award-winning first season to return for the second, set this time at the White Lotus resort in Sicily. Aubrey Plaza, meanwhile, plays Harper Spiller, a brusque, well-meaning employment lawyer whose status anxiety comes to a boil on vacation with her husband and his crude, financier friend Cameron. Though Richardson and Plaza didn’t share a single scene in the show’s season season, which premiered last Sunday, the pair became fast friends on set, one of the many topics of discussion in a hilarious and wide-ranging conversation that touches on stalking, mothering their respective pets, and why no one’s really a “normie.”


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