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The White Lotus – 2.07 “Arrivederci ” HD Screencaptures

Albie decides to help Lucia. Tanya discovers Quentin’s true motives. Portia gets wary of Jack. Ethan and Cam have a face-off. Valentina gives Mia a chance.

The White Lotus – 2.06 “Abductions” HD Screencaptures

Ethan grows suspicious of Cam. Tanya gives Portia an opaque warning about Jack. Lucia helps the Di Grassos search for long-lost relatives.

The White Lotus – 2.05 “That’s Amore” HD Screencaptures

Tanya and Portia embark on a whirlwind excursion with Quentin and Jack. Unsure what to believe, Harper gets real with Cam and Daphne

The White Lotus – 2.04 “In the Sandbox” HD Screencaptures

Tanya and Portia spend a day with charming ex-pats Quentin and Jack. Harper is blindsided by shocking evidence from Ethan’s night out.

The White Lotus – 2.03 “Bull Elephants” HD Screencaptures

While Daphne loops Harper into an off-resort excursion, Ethan and Cameron get in some bro time. Tanya seeks advice from a tarot reader.

The White Lotus – 2.02 “Italian Dream” HD Screencaptures

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