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In Conversation with Haley Lu Richardson

Haley Lu Richardson has quickly emerged as one of the leading young actors of her generation, with her starring role in the second season of HBO’S highly popular series ‘The White Lotus’. Next, we’ll be able to see Haley in Netflix’s ‘Love at First Sight’, which is premiering later this year.

Haley, we’ve been able to watch you in HBO’s highy succesful series ‘The White Lotus’, where you portrayed Portia. How was it working on such a popular series and with this phenomenal cast?

It was pretty cool, as you would imagine. I had really wanted to work with Mike White for years, so that was kind of like a dream come true in a way. There’s all these things that in life and in this acting career are like aspirations and dreams. I’m like “Oh, that would be so cool if this happened or if I could work with this person”. When one of them actually comes true, it’s just really exciting and cool.

This show is such a special thing to him. It’s all Mike, he created this show and he wrote every episode, directed every episode. It’s his baby. So to be picked by him and be able to meet him and be a part of that was cool. Being a part of a big ensemble, finding my place in the tone and within the bigger picture was challenging in some ways, but I’m really thankful for it.

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Vanity Fair Oscar Party – Portraits

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SAG Awards Nominations – Portraits

Portraits of Haley Lu and her cat Darbin after she announced this year’s SAG Awards Nominations with Ashley Park on Instagram.

Zoom Date with Haley Lu Richardson

Why Haley Lu Richardson Is Embracing a Season of Being Alone
Plus her favorite foundation and skincare.

No sooner do Haley Lu Richardson, and I begin chatting than our conversation is interrupted by a very special guest. “Here’s my little boy,” she announces, scooping up her cat—his name is Darbin—and holding him up to the screen. He’s long-haired, with the kind of flat face that makes cats look permanently grumpy. “He looks like a little curmudgeon,” Richardson agrees. “When I got him a year ago, when he was a few months old, he looked like a grown man. Even when he’s cute and gentle, he has this permanent Ron Swanson face.”

Darbin has been a key source of companionship for the Richardson as she’s been adjusting to living independently for the first time in years. “I had always had my parents or a boyfriend, a life partner,” she says. “But the last couple years, I haven’t had my parents [living with me], and then I’ve been a single woman, so I’m getting used to that. It’s a big adjustment in life.” Darbin’s companionship has been key to easing that adjustment, but there have been other simple pleasures: reality TV (Richardson considers herself a dating-show connoisseur), matcha, and crochet. “I guess my life’s a little boring,” she says with a laugh.

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Haley Lu Richardson and Aubrey Plaza on Stalking, Obsession, and Torture

In the hotly anticipated second season of HBO’s anthology series The White Lotus, Haley Lu Richardson plays Portia, the fledgling millennial assistant to Jennifer Coolidge’s demanding, mommy-issue-afflicted Tanya McQuoid-Hunt, the sole character from the show’s award-winning first season to return for the second, set this time at the White Lotus resort in Sicily. Aubrey Plaza, meanwhile, plays Harper Spiller, a brusque, well-meaning employment lawyer whose status anxiety comes to a boil on vacation with her husband and his crude, financier friend Cameron. Though Richardson and Plaza didn’t share a single scene in the show’s season season, which premiered last Sunday, the pair became fast friends on set, one of the many topics of discussion in a hilarious and wide-ranging conversation that touches on stalking, mothering their respective pets, and why no one’s really a “normie.”


Haley Lu modelling for FreePeople

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