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HookedByHaleyLu – Album Updated

Hi! As you may know, Haley Lu founded HookedbyHaleyLu, her handmade crocheted clothing line few years ago on Etsy. I’ve updated our album HookedByHaleyLu with 100+ new pictures.

To relax, Richardson has a hobby: crocheting, with an Etsy shop, Hooked by Haley Lu. “It’s like the one thing I have in my life where I don’t put pressure on myself because I don’t really have expectations for myself to be the best crocheter in the world, so I just have so much pure joy doing it,” she said. “And it’s very therapeutic. My mom taught me when I was eight, so I’ve literally just been doing it ever since. … I feel like it’s so important for me at least to not just have acting be my creative outlet, because I put way too much pressure on myself with that.” – Source IndieWire

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