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Good Morning Arizona – Video

Haley Lu promoting Columbus on Good Morning Arizona (september 16, 2017)

In The Bustle Booth With Haley Lu Richardson

When celebrities come into Bustle HQ in New York, whether it’s for a photoshoot, videoshoot, or a Facebook Live, we want to give them the chance to leave their mark. Literally. So we hand them a pen, a piece of paper, a few questions, and ask them to get creative. The rest is up to them. This time, Columbus’ Haley Lu Richardson is leaving her mark in the Bustle Booth.

Haley Lu Richardson is quickly becoming one of the most versatile young actors in Hollywood. In the past year, she’s had supporting roles in two major films, as a teen in love in the critically acclaimed The Edge of Seventeen and as a horrified kidnap victim in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. It’s a pretty impressive resumé for any actor, let alone one who burst onto the scene just four years ago with a starring role in the Freeform show Ravenswood. Now, Richardson is taking the leap into leading roles with Columbus, a moving drama in theaters now.

In Columbus, Richardson plays Casey, a recent high school graduate stuck in her hometown who is inspired to share her passion for architecture when she meets Jin (John Cho), the son of a famous architecture professor. The film, currently enjoying a limited release, has clearly stuck with the actor. During her Bustle visit, she drew Columbus’ First Christian Church and North Christian Church, both designed by Eliel Saarinen and favorites of Casey. She also still has Columbus, IN, as a weather location in her phone. Aside from her commitment to her work, Richardson revealed her love of John Lennon and more during her stop in the Bustle Booth.


Haley Lu Richardson Joins Oscar Isaac in Nazi Thriller ‘Operation Finale’

Haley Lu Richardson Joins Oscar Isaac in Nazi Thriller ‘Operation Finale’

Chris Weitz is directing the drama, with Ben Kingsley playing Adolf Eichmann.

Haley Lu Richardson, one of the stars of M. Night Shyamalan’s Split, has joined the mission of Operation Finale, MGM’s story of the capture of Nazi Adolf Eichmann.

Oscar Isaac is leading the cast of the thriller, with Ben Kingsley playing Eichmann and Joe Alwyn playing Eichmann’s son.

Chris Weitz is directing the drama, which is said to echo thrillers such as Argo and Munich. Matthew Orton wrote the original screenplay.

Eichmann was considered one of the architects of the Holocaust and oversaw the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jews. After World War II, he fled to Argentina, where he lived in hiding. Israel’s spy agency, Mossad, eventually discovered Eichmann’s whereabouts, and in a tense operation captured him and smuggled him out of the country.

Richardson will play Sylvia Herman, the sweet-faced girlfriend of Klaus Eichmann (Alwyn) who was fiercely in love and did not want to hear her father’s warning about him and his family. She eventually turns over Klaus and his family to Mossad intelligence.

Lior Raz, Melanie Laurent and Nick Kroll are also on the call sheet.

Production begins Oct. 1 in Argentina.

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger are producing the project along with Isaac and Inspire Entertainment’s Jason Spire.

Richardson, who also appeared in The Edge of Seventeen, can currently be seen in Columbus, the Sundance indie that also stars John Cho and is earning strong reviews. In the can is the period drama The Chaperone, written by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

She is repped by Gersh, Arts Entertainment and Coast to Coast Talent Group.


Columbus Premiere – Photos

Hi! Last week, Haley Lu attended the premiere of COLUMBUS with her co-star John Cho and director Koganada. I have added 39 pictures from the premiere and the photocall.

City Of Columbus Plays ‘Lead Character’ In New Film

Actors, producers and Gov. Eric Holcomb (R-Ind.) turned out Thursday night for a premiere of the new film “Columbus.”

Columbus is known for its modern architecture, which plays a large role in the new film. In the movie, a Columbus native sparks up a friendship with a visitor and begins sharing parts of her community.

Haley Lu Richardson stars in the movie with John Cho. Richardson says it’s unlike any project she’s worked on.

“I feel like the things I learned in this one were like all creative because it was such a creative, inspiring set to be on and people to work with,” Richardson says.

Erin Hawkins, the Director of Marketing with the Columbus Area Visitor’s Center, says architecture plays a central role in the story.

“It’s not just the backdrop in this film, it’s almost like a third, lead character in the film,” Hawkins says.

The movie premiered at YES Cinema in Columbus, which will continue showings throughout the month. Showings are scheduled in multiple Indiana cities over the next few weeks including in Bloomington, Indianapolis, Nashville, Fort Wayne and Lafayette.


Richardson says ‘Columbus’ movie ‘the most beautiful thing I have ever been a part of’

Actress Haley Lu Richardson was tickled to see an old friend a few days ago — a buddy that she joyfully recalled in more than one major media interview the past few months to promote the new “Columbus” film.

Miles, the adorable bichon frise serving as the mascot of Columbus’ downtown Hotel Indigo, stole a bit of her heart a year ago. 22-year-old Richardson, the movie’s female lead (as Casey) dreaming of perhaps following her passion for architecture, saw a different beauty in the humorous pooch known for sometimes racing across the lobby with his toys.

The movie cast and crew stayed at the hotel for its three-week shoot July 31 to Aug. 20 last year.

“That dog’s really so cute,” she said with a laugh. “I got a picture with him.”

Richardson allowed herself to be playful during a brief chat at the Inn at Irwin Gardens on Fifth Street minutes before Friday’s red-carpet premiere celebration. That was a marked contrast to her first few minutes onstage during a question-and-answer session at YES Cinema after a special screening of the film Wednesday.

She told the local audience that also included dignitaries such as Gov. Eric Holcomb that she was very nervous, unlike her similar sessions before audiences in places such as Los Angeles.

“I don’t know if you could easily see it, but I was twitching (at YES),” she said.

The Phoenix native, who began her acting career only six years ago with no formal training since high school theater, was terrified that area residents who know the city and its buildings all too well might view the film, or her performance, with disdain. She battled this feeling even after working successfully with such well-known directors as M. Night Shyamalan (in “Split”) and such rising director/screenwriters as Kelly Fremon Craig (in “The Edge of Seventeen,” through which she earned raves from publications such as Entertainment Weekly).

When told that almost any of the locals who interacted with her in Columbus already loved her and her never-met-a-stranger exuberance, she froze.

Then her eyes opened wide, as if the concept were an honest-to-goodness, mind-blowing revelation.

“Really?” she asked. “They did?”

Sara Green, a housekeeper at the local inn, thought the world of Richardson last year. And Green, an extra in a couple of the movie’s scenes, loved seeing her again.

“She is a such a sweet girl,” Green said. “Oh, such a sweet girl. I told her, ‘Honey — you could be my daughter.’”

Richardson said she loved the idea of returning to town to properly give a Hoosier launch to a movie that marks by far her largest and most challenging role. She acknowledged that she cried after shooting the final scene of “Columbus.”

A few weeks ago, she revisited those emotions on her Facebook page.

“Columbus movie, what can I say about you?” she wrote. “You are by far the most beautiful thing I have ever been a part of. You introduced me to people and places I will know and respect as long as I live.

“You allowed my heart to feel what it’s like to tell a story through art. You will never be a job to me. You are so much more than that, and so much more than I ever thought I could experience.”

Making an equally deep impression on her this return trip included bringing along her parents, Forrest and Valerie Richardson, from their home in Los Angeles, which also separately serves as the actress’ home base. Friday morning, she took them to the Miller House, which serves as a huge and artistic backdrop in the film.

“It was special to be able share that with them,” she said.

Plus, her father insisted on getting pictures of her at most of the movie sites.

Her favorite structure here is the same as Casey’s — architect Deborah Berke’s First Financial Bank building, thanks to the designer’s lit glass roof panels, at 707 Creekview Drive off Tenth Street. She met Berke, also dean of the Yale School of Architecture, last month at the New York opening of the film.

“I was really starstruck,” Richardson said, unaware of Berke’s added local work also via the Hope Branch Library. “That light box (on that bank building) — it’s almost like it gives you hope. It’s like a bright idea.”

As a natural progression since the movie shoot, she has become an unofficial ambassador of the town. In a playful film clip posted Wednesday on the Facebook page for the “Columbus” movie, she wears a “Columbus Indiana: Unexpected, Unforgettable” souvenir ball cap. She said she wears it every so often, even though there was precious little time for her to enjoy her surroundings as a tourist locally.

“But, the cool part was, during our shooting, we got to experience the town,” she said. “One of the points of the movie was that John (Cho) and I were exploring Columbus.

“The character of Casey got to appreciate all that. So I feel like I also got to appreciate all that.”

The woman creative enough to crochet her own line of clothing, Hooked By Haley Lu, loves director Kogonada’s creativity throughout “Columbus.”

“It is the most artistic thing I’ve ever been a part of,” she said.


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