Month: August 2016

Music Videos – Screencaptures

Kevin Ortiz – Un Minuto (2013)

Sonus – Save Me Tonight (2013)

Katie Armiger – One Night Between Friends (2014)

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New project: “Columbus”

John Cho, Parker Posey, Haley Lu Richardson, Michelle Forbes, and Rory Culkin are starring the Indiana-set drama “Columbus.”

“Columbus” marks the feature directorial debut of Kogonada, who has been noted for his visual work and film criticism commissioned by the Criterion Collection and Sight & Sound.

The movie is being produced by Superlative Films and Depth of Field in association with Nonetheless Productions. Chris Weitz, Andrew Miano, Danielle Renfrew Behrens, Aaron Boyd, Ki Jin Kim, and Giulia Caruso serve as producers. Superlative Films is financing the pic.

The film is currently shooting in Columbus, Ind., which the director said inspired him due to its modern architecture.

“After visiting the town, I felt an immediate sense for a film that would take place there, which would implicitly explore the promise of modernism (an ongoing quest for me),” he said. “The story revolves around a man and young woman from opposite sides of the world, each mourning the potential loss of a parent.”

Cho plays the estranged son of a prominent architectural critic. Richardson is the daughter of a recovering addict, who finds solace in the architecture that surrounds her. Forbes portrays her mother. Posey plays a former student who’s dating Cho’s character’s father.

“I initially fell in love with ::kogonada’s work through the exquisite montages he did for Criterion and the BFI,” Weitz said. “He was clearly a filmmaker with exacting taste and an impeccable vision.”

Cho stars in “Star Trek Beyond” and Posey is in “Cafe Society.” Richardson appears in “The Edge of Seventeen” and Forbes stars in “Orphan Black.”

Renfrew Behrens launched Superlative Film in January as an equity fund and strategic partner for independent films and documentaries. Its other titles include: “Lucky,” starring Harry Dean Stanton and David Lynch, “Humor Me,” with Elliott Gould and Jemaine Clement, and “The House of Tomorrow,” toplined by Ellen Burstyn, Nick Offerman, Asa Butterfield, Alex Wolff. and Maude Apatow.

Depth of Field was founded in 1999 following brothers Chris and Paul Weitz’s breakout directorial debut, “American Pie.” Their credits include “About a Boy,” “In Good Company,” “A Single Man,” “Grandma,” and Judy Greer’s directorial debut, “A Happening of Monumental Proportions,” currently in post-production.

Cho is represented by UTA and 3 Arts; Richardson and Posey are represented by Gersh; Forbes is represented by UTA; and Culkin is represented by Paradigm.

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Live. Love. Lounge. | Haley Lu Richardson

Haley Lu Richardson is Tess in Ravenswood, Maggie Townsend in The Bronze, and a self-described “very short yet very loud actual legitimate alien” on her Instagram profile. She can act, she can dance, she is a hell of a crocheter, and we love every bit of her fiery personality! And, doesn’t she just look amazing in our “A Blush of Shadows” by UNBOUND SOUL kimono?!

We recently shared our three favorite Ls: Live. Love. Lounge. with Haley and she told us which phrases, thoughts or stories each one of them bring to her mind.

Haley: “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” —George Bernard Shaw

I discovered this quote in 4th grade and ever since then it’s been my favorite. Yes, I know it’s more than a bit cheesy, but it has always resonated true with me. It’s cheesy but it’s simple and straightforward and that’s what I like about it. This quote is how I live my life and how I plan on continuing to live the rest of my existence. There is so much in this world we can’t control but the one thing we always have power over is ourselves. I don’t want to wait around to be good or for something good to happen, I want to take charge and create my legacy and destiny and I want what I create to be worth while. That is what I feel it means to “live”.

Haley: When I think of the world “love” I think of people. Not a lot of people. I think of a small, special circle of my favorite people in the world all holding hands around me. Almost like in Harry Potter when he’s about to fight Voldemort and all the people he cares about most show up in spirit and form a force field of love around him! Sorry I just re-watched all the movies so I have Harry on my brain ha-ha-ha! But seriously—I look around and I see these people and they are looking at me with that look, that look you can’t describe with any other word but “love”. And we just stand there and take each other in. No one says anything, but no one needs to. It’s making me smile so big right now just thinking of it ?

Haley: Nature. I don’t care if it’s a mountain and a sunset in Arizona or a beach and palm trees in the Caribbean. Clear air and a clear mind.
A comfy chair. A comfy pillow. And of course a glass of wine ?

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‘The Edge of Seventeen’ Pushed to November Release

STX has set coming-of-age comedy “The Edge of Seventeen” for a Nov. 18 release, seven weeks later than previously planned.

The studio made the announcement in the wake of the film, produced by James L. Brooks, being selected as the closing night gala for the Toronto International Film Festival.

Kyra Sedgwick, Woody Harrelson, Hailee Steinfeld, Blake Jenner, Haley Lu Richardson and Hayden Szeto star.

“James L. Brooks has mentored such extraordinary young filmmakers as Cameron Crowe and Wes Anderson,” said STX’s Kevin Grayson. “With Kelly Fremon Craig, he brings audiences a superbly talented new voice who vividly and authentically captures what it is like to grow up today. After being selected as the closing night film at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, we decided to move this very special film to take full advantage of the holiday corridor and to capitalize on the what we expect will be very strong word of mouth as the film screens this Fall.”

The film was previously scheduled to open on Sept. 30.

Source Variety