HBO Max Drive-In Premiere of “Unpregnant” – Photos

Hi! Haley Lu attended the HBO Max Drive-In Premiere of “Unpregnant” last night in Glendale, California. I have added 9 HQ pictures from the event to the gallery.

A Night In With Haley Lu Richardson

If this was any other year, Haley Lu Richardson would be talking about her new film, HBO Max’s Unpregnant, out Friday, on the red carpet of a fancy premiere party, wearing a sparkly minidress or some other fabulous designer piece. But this is 2020, so on a Friday night, she’s chatting over Zoom, taking sips from a can of pear-flavored hard cider. And she’s dressed in a Jonas Brothers T-shirt.

“Oh no, you were able to tell that this was the Jonas Brothers,” she screams, bashfully jumping out of computer frame. But just as quickly, she’s back, with full conviction. “I went to twelve Jonas Brothers concerts when I was young, and I was very much convinced that I was going to marry Nick Jonas. Now that I look back, my personality… I feel like I should’ve been a Joe girl. But Nick is so serious and I think there was just something that little me, young me, just found so, oh my gosh… he’s so passionate about his craft. And he had the curly hair.” At this point, she’s fully committed to the nostalgia, recounting tales of a blown up picture of her and the JoBros that still resides in her Arizona childhood bedroom. (“I have braces, I have a unibrow, and my hair is straightened to the point where it’s like pieces of straw,” she says. “I’m wearing a tie because Nick always wore ties.”) She even attempted to give Nick a tie she hand-crafted, only to be thwarted by security.

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Haley Lu Richardson & Rachel Lee Goldenberg Talk ‘Unpregnant’

Haley Lu Richardson & Rachel Lee Goldenberg Talk ‘Unpregnant’ for The Knockturnal

‘Unpregnant’ star Haley Lu Richardson and director on why they made abortion-centric dramedy

‘Unpregnant’ star Haley Lu Richardson and director on why they made abortion-centric dramedy

This isn’t the kind of buddy road trip you’d expect to be played for laughs.

In the dramedy “Unpregnant” — hitting HBO Max Thursday and based on last year’s novel of the same name by Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan — Haley Lu Richardson stars as overachieving Missouri teen Veronica, who will do anything to get an abortion.

In this case, that means recruiting her ex-best friend Bailey (“Euphoria” star Barbie Ferreira) to drive her nearly 1,000 miles to Albuquerque, N.M., the nearest city where she won’t need parental consent.

Making an abortion-centric movie that mines comedy out of such a serious subject “did kind of scare me, because I’m opening myself up as a person to people that very adamantly believe different[ly] to then associate me with this conversation and hate me,” Richardson, 25, told the Daily News last week on a video call with director Rachel Lee Goldenberg.

The “Five Feet Apart” star noted that since sharing the buddy film’s trailer on Instagram, she’s gotten “hate” and “really intense stuff” in response.

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The comments section of that post was bombarded by pro-life advocates dismissing the film as “disgusting” and “making fun of killing unborn babies.”

“So you think making a movie about abortion is setting a good example for young women?” commented one user. “Killing babies is a good thing to do?”

Another remarked, “This is a life you’re taking. There is nothing comedic about it.”

Richardson, who also appeared in 2016′s psychological horror film “Split,” had to deal with the backlash. “I’ve never experienced [that reaction] before because I’ve never been a part of something like this,” she said.

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‘Extremely Ambitious’: Haley Lu Richardson took a chance with her new film ‘Unpregnant’

‘Extremely Ambitious’: Haley Lu Richardson took a chance with her new film ‘Unpregnant’

Phoenix native Haley Lu Richardson is known for taking chances with her films.

The actress starred in the coming-of-age film “The Edge of Seventeen” and quickly followed that with M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split.” But she particularly relishes the bravery it took her director Rachel Lee Goldenberg to go forth with her new film, HBO Max’s “Unpregnant.”

In it, Richardson plays 17-year-old Veronica, whose decision to get an abortion leads her on a 1,000-mile road trip to New Mexico with her former best friend, Bailey (Barbie Ferreira).

Melding the topics of abortion, teen pregnancy, friendship and self-realization was “extremely ambitious,” she says.

“I honestly didn’t know it was going to work until I saw the cut together movie and took a breath,” Richardson says about the film, which debuts September 10. “We accomplished what we set out to do.”

The former Horizon High School student calls the film important because it’s bound to generate conversation. She admits the role was a tad bit scary.

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