“The Bronze” – Screencaptures

I have added 1096 bluray screen captures from the film The Bronze, who premiered last year at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Edge of Seventeen – 2 Stills

I have added 2 stills from the movie The Edge of Seventeen to the gallery:

The Edge of Seventeen – Official Trailer

The Young Kieslowski – Screencaptures

Hi! 1206 HD Screencaptures from the movie The Young Kieslowski (2014) have been added to the gallery. The movie is available on Netflix, and other VOD platforms.

1883 Magazine: Interview + Photoshoot

Haley Lu Richardson, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, upon moving to L.A. aged sixteen, found her true calling in the form of acting. With an eclectic range of roles already under her belt, Haley Lu emits all the signs of an up and coming star in the making.

Haley Lu’s passion for acting emerged at a young age. Always wanting to entertain at family parties, and training dance extensively throughout her teenage years, the motivation to perform has always been present. Starting off in the world of TV, appearing in the popular teen drama Ravenswood, Haley Lu has recently been driven increasingly into the world of film. Recently starring in The Bronze and The Young Kieslowski, Haley Lu’s strong appearances have landed her roles in two exciting upcoming features. The first being The Edge of Seventeen due for release September 20th of this year, coming from first time director Kelly Fremon. Haley Lu shall also be starring in the eagerly anticipated Split, directed by none other than M. Night Shyamalan, due for release in January of 2017. These roles are but the tip of the iceberg for what we may expect from Haley Lu in the coming years.
We were lucky enough to catch up with the young actress in New York City, learning more about her past and present roles, as well as aspirations for the future.

What got you interested in acting in the first place?
I didn’t move to L.A. until I was sixteen, I am originally from Phoenix Arizona. I was always interested in the arts; acting, dancing, I tried singing but I sucked at it, performing in general, entertaining and all that kind of stuff. I always wanted to entertain when we had the family over for Christmas. I started dancing when I was really young. It sounds really stupid and mushy, but different people have different kinds of callings you know, and I guess it was always something that I considered my thing.

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Popular Girl: Haley Lu Richardson

Haley Lu Richardson is best known for her role as Tess in the ABC Family series “Ravenswood” and currently stars alongside Melissa Rauch (Big Bang Theory) in the hit comedy “The Bronze”.

In “The Bronze”, the 21-year-old Arizona native plays Maggie Townsend a promising young gymnast that threatens the local celebrity status of forgotten Olympic medalist Hope (played by Rauch). We caught up with Haley in LA to talk about the movie with a quick round of our POP Quiz. Check it out!!!

NAME: Haley Lu Richardson

NICKNAME: Hay, Lucy, small, peanut

OCCUPATION: Actor, Dancer

MOST TEXTED PERSON IN YOUR PHONE: My boyfriend or my mother

DREAM ROLE IN A MOVIE THAT’S ALREADY BEEN MADE: There are so many movies I would have loved to be in but my DREAM role is dancing contemporary/jazz and acting together in a really good film!

CAREER ICON: Meryl Streep, Sally Field, Ginger Rogers, Jennifer Lawrence

SPIRIT ANIMAL: Lizards because they just bask in the sun for hours!


FAVORITE BOOK: I don’t read a lot of books because I read scripts all day long. Maybe, The Giving Tree.

TV ADDICTION: Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville and The Bachelor!

KARAOKE ANTHEM: “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: I recently watched “In Bruges” with my parents.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FILM “THE BRONZE. “The Bronze” is a comedy movie and I honestly feel like you have to hate life if you don’t laugh at it! It’s about Hope Ann Greggory, who is a washed up, bitter gymnast living in her glory days that gets stuck with training my character, Maggie Townsend, who is annoyingly innocent and naive. The film can be shockingly inappropriate and crass at times, but there is a really sad quality to Hope, which makes it touching to follow her journey.

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? I’m feeling pretty good! Today was my first day in a couple weeks where I didn’t really have much to do so I napped, which was really nice.

WHAT IS POPULAR? Being yourself! And Birkenstocks (to me anyways).

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